SPA & Body Treatments

Give yourself the ultimate home spa experience with our exotic spa products inspired by traditional Polynesian, Japanese, Moroccan and African body treatments. These aromatic spa products and salt scrubs will leave you feeling soft, smooth and fragrant.


Salt Glow

Deep Sea and mineral salts are combined with essential oils,then massaged over the body in a light circular motion to deeply cleanse,exfoliate,and stimulate your circulation. This treatment will leave your skin renewed,rehydrated, and glowing


Detox - Thalasso Wrap

A true gift from the sea all the way from Brattany. Relax and luxuriate in steady warmth while your skin detoxifies and absorbs intense beneficail nutrients that to send the rich array of micronized minerals, vitamins and enzymes from this seaweed.


Moor Mud Full Body Wrap

Discover what the ancients new centuries ago. Gently vanquishing aches and pains with a thick layer of warm moor mud infused with pure essential oil that is applied over the entire body for a relaxing treatment that the body absorbs.

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